Office Chair without Wheels

Granted, there is a certain level of convenience that comes with wheeled office chairs. You get to slide back and forth, left to right, reaching for files and picking up print outs. On countless occasions, while sitting on a wheeled office chair, I have found myself swiveling from side to side especially if I need to think.

Wheeled chairs, however, are not always the answer. In fact, based on feedback from our clients, we are fast learning that more and more professionals are choosing to go with an office chair without wheels. The reasons vary from one professional to another. Some are purely aesthetic, some are safety reasons while others are for convenience purposes. Here is a look at what we have found out.

Aesthetic Reasons to Have a Desk Chair without Wheels

Picture an office with wooden floors. The polished floor glistens beautifully when it is properly taken care of and gives any office a very professional yet warm feel. Wooden floors have such character.

These types of floors, however, are a tall order when it comes to maintenance. Scratch the floor once or twice and it loses its initial crisp beauty. This can be made worse and quite frankly unavoidable when colleagues keep whizzing past, sliding around their space in wheeled office chairs.

I actually quite like the idea of such a floor with un-wheeled desk chairs. It remains largely organized and neat with everything in its rightful place – and most importantly very few scratches, if at all.

Healthy Wheel-Less Mesh Back Office Chair

Health and safety are some of the main factors to consider when thinking about office furniture. The office chair you pick, I have discovered, can actually determine how much your workers enjoy their job. A comfortable seat might be all you need to keep workers happy – well that, and the occasional raise.

There are several ergonomic designs in the market made with the end-user in mind. They ensure that your posture is always right. Consequently, you never get backaches and neck pains that are a result of bad posture and slouching.

These contemporary designs may be pricier than your average office chair, but you get value for your money when you can sit longer hours behind your desk without experiencing body pains. I am particularly fond of the mesh back chairs because the somewhat netted design at the back holds the back firmly yet it is gentle and soft to lean on.

The convenience of a Small Computer Chair

If all you need is a working area in your house or a simple desk and a computer, then your best bet is a small computer chair. These are usually not intricate when it comes to design, though you can get some pretty interesting shapes. They easily fit into tight spaces and are reasonably comfortable.

A small computer chair does not need to be wheeled around, primarily because it is required for use just at the computer. It may not even need to have arms although this is a matter of preference at the time of purchase.

I would advise that you give the minimalistic choice a chance when looking for a small office chair. A simple design with no arms and no wheels works best in these situations. For health reasons, it may be made of ergonomic materials. The simplicity of it saves you (sometimes) the much-needed space. When you are done at your desk, you can simply push the chair under the desk and keep the area looking tidy and clutter-free.

Non-Wheeled White Leather Office Chairs

White furnishing in your office is edgy and modern. It is also very immaculate and calming especially if it is done minimally, and exudes a sense of elegance.

According to color experts, white gives an illusion of space and airiness even when this is not really the case. White leather is considered opulent and having your office chairs in this color creates an instant aura of class as the first impression to everyone who enters the office.

In my experience, the remarkable presence of a snow-white leather chair can determine whether or not you close a deal. A white office chair without wheels will allow you to do more with other furnishings in your office. Some of the furnishings you can play around with include wall hangings, accessories, blinds, and so on. You get to play around with colors without getting a cluttered effect in the room.

I have also noted that in modern offices with huge glass walls, white leather seats are right at home. They look stunning and compliment the clear glass beautifully. Depending on what your budget is, you can also go for white faux leather. Real leather is obviously costlier. While a keen eye will be able to notice the difference, to many it will still pass as genuine leather. You’ll still get the same crisp effect that you would with real leather.


Your office chair affects your output and productivity. Office chair manufacturers actually think more about function than they do form. This is why most desk chairs come in solid colors like black and brown. They are meant to mesh seamlessly with the work environment. This is, however, changing now with the advent of more modern approaches to office furnishing. Contemporary styles now call for brighter colors, striking designs and ergonomic makeup. This usually means that the floors and walls also conform to these new standards. An office chair without wheels might be exactly what you need to keep your workspace pristine and fresh. You also avoid scratching floors and scraping paint off walls both of which occur quite easily with wheeled chairs.

Taking your time to really think about what type of chair you need could save you a lot of trouble in the long run. I sometimes see clients who think more about aesthetics without considering functionality and vice versa, perhaps because they are inexperienced or biased. It does not hurt to consult an expert. This could be your interior designer if you have one or a professional at the furniture shop. Undoubtedly they will have a pointer or two that will help you to make a great office chair buying decision.

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