Lumbar Support for Office Chair

Working in an office for hours can be such a challenge, especially if your chair is not comfortable enough. Though we may at times ignore it, we need good lumbar support to get us through those office hours. Having worked in an office for years, I know a little too well the cost of using an uncomfortable seat. I have had to take painkillers for my back, a problem I could easily have avoided if I had better lumbar support. 

If you are uncomfortable with your office chair, you need to do something about it. You may choose to replace your seat or buy pillows to ease the tension on your back. With good lumbar support, you will be in a better position to be productive. 

Options for Back Support for Office Chairs

When I started my current job, the company had just replaced its office chairs. Hence, my seat was almost perfect. It had a thick pillow on the backrest and was easily adjustable. I got so comfortable that staring at a computer all day felt less agonizing than it usually did. Over time, however, my pillow began to sink inwards. It got to an extent where I could feel some pressure every time I leaned backward. Eventually, I decided not to lean anymore.

After a few days of using my worn-out chair, my back pain became unbearable. I thought of buying a new chair. However, I convinced myself that it would be a waste of money since the company was probably planning to replace them. Instead of getting a seat, I went pillow shopping. I had to make sure I got a better pillow than the one on my chair, so I researched the best options. 

One important thing I learned as I did my research is that a good pillow should maintain your spine in the right position. Such pillows should be slightly convex. However, you could still end up buying a curved pillow with poor back support if you do not have enough information about the right quality. You can test the pillow you select before buying it to make sure it is comfortable. You should be able to feel your back relax. When I got the right pillow, I knew right then from the relief I felt on my back. 

Further, you should consider your body type during your search for a decent pillow. There are various designs depending on the length of a person's torso.  If you have a long one, you should be careful not to get a pillow too short to support you appropriately. 

As you search, you may need to consider a pillow with adjustable straps. Your comfort is dependent on the positioning of your pillow on the backrest. Without straps, you are most likely to waste a lot of time readjusting your pillow every time you move. 

My pillow restored my will to show up to my workplace every day. However, our company managers did not replace the office chairs as soon as I hoped. My seat developed other problems that a back pillow could not solve. Once again, the bliss that came with using my chair diminished. I had to get a longer-lasting solution; another chair. I had more lessons to learn when I went shopping. 

An Ergonomic Office Chair Will Do the Trick

Ergonomic office chairs have features that will keep your back healthy. These seats have backrests with the support your spine needs to remain straight. With this office chair, you are sure to keep your back free of stress.  Besides, these chairs help minimize your physical effort, allowing you to focus your energy on your work. 

Before you look for an ergonomic chair, you need to find out which one will suit you the most.  You may end up buying a high-quality seat that does not fit your body. Take your time testing each chair to ensure that you do not compromise the comfort of any part of your body in your pursuit of back relief. Consider your height to avoid getting a chair that does not support your torso well. 

Another aspect you should consider is the stability of the chair. If you want to get the most out of your ergonomic chair, make sure it is stable enough to hold your weight. Even if your backrests perfectly on the seat, you will still be uncomfortable if it is wobbly. 

Besides back support, you could get more benefits from your ergonomic chair. Some of these chairs have additional features that will give you maximum comfort. Mesh and executive chairs are among the best options you can get. 

The Breathable Mesh Office Chairs 

If the temperature in your office sometimes gets too hot, you need to try a mesh chair. These chairs have ventilated backrests that keep your back cool when the temperature is high. A seat of this kind will protect you from the discomfort that comes with a sweaty back. 

Since you do not have to endure sweating, you will also avoid staining your clothes if you have a mesh chair. With this kind of chair, thus, you can have a good time as you work in your office and when doing your laundry. 

Executive Office Chairs

The appearance of your office can determine the respect you command. With an executive chair, you can be sure to earn the respect of your colleagues and office guests. Executive office chairs serve both the purpose of comfort optimization and prestige. Hence, you should be ready to pay a good amount of money for such a chair. 

Another advantage of an executive chair is that it is durable. These chairs often have leather or high-quality fabric covers. Hence, although the chair will cost you a fortune, it will take you a long time before you spend that much on a new seat. 

However, an executive seat may not be comfortable in all environments, especially if it is made of leather. If you are in an overheated office, your leather seat will trap so much heat, causing you to sweat profusely. 

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