Executive Office Furniture

If you are one to spend a lot of time in the office, you more often than not end up spending a good chunk of your day’s hours at your desk. For this reason, a lot of thought needs to go into the type of furniture that you buy. Your office furniture should have certain qualities that allow you not just to sit but also to be comfortable enough to focus on the tasks you have to complete daily.

Executive office furniture is a big industry the world over. New technology, discoveries in the health sector (especially as regards posture) and the need for aesthetically appealing working spaces are driving this industry fast on its wheels. We have seen every day bring forth newer, better ideas about what executive office furniture should look and feel like.

So, what exactly should you look for the next time you are out looking to buy office furniture? Here are some ideas we think will be helpful during your next office chair purchase.

Heavy Duty Office Chairs with Adjustable Height

I have come to realize, over the years, that it is best to buy office chairs with adjustable height. After all, who is to say only one person will use it? Employees may have to switch places or you may hire new staff that would need to adjust the chairs in order to sit comfortably at their work station.

For starters, it is imperative that your thighs are parallel to the floor when you sit at your office chair. Office chair manufacturers usually attach what they call pneumatic levers to help you find this position and sit comfortably.

Heavy-duty office chairs are built using sturdy materials (usually steel) and this ensures that the levers stay strong, able to support any amount of weight. Poorly made office chairs have weak levers which either get stuck or irreparably broken after just a few months of use.

Research into the posture, especially at the workplace, shows that the backrest of an office chair should also be adjustable. Different people with different heights and different tasks to undertake need to rest their backs differently. Always make sure that you buy an executive office seat with a backrest that can tilt backward and forwards as well as stay locked in place once it has been set.

While a heavy-duty office chair might cost more, you get value for your money in the long run because you do not have to replace it too quickly.

Lumbar Support in a Luxury Office Chair

Executive office furniture is termed thus because it offers special features that you would not get with regular furniture. One such feature is good lumbar support. The better the lumbar support in an office chair, the more comfortable you are and the better your chances are at focusing on your work. I have seen colleagues having to stand up and walk around several hours during a workday, wasting so much time and the only reason they do this is because the seat they are using does not support their backs properly.

I like to advise my clients to find an office chair that will allow their lower back to always arch ever so slightly. This supports the back so that you do not experience any slouching as the day progresses. Slouching is the genesis of all the back pain you get from a compressed lumbar disc.

Leather Desk Chair for Comfort and Style

I have never regretted making the decision to go with leather for office chairs. They have so much to offer especially if you are looking for quality, functionality, and style.

Regardless of the office color scheme, leather always finds a way to fit right in. Additionally, leather works in practically any business set up. The lawyer's office, doctor's office, the salon reception; you name your business and leather will work.

It comes with its advantages such as being breathable and well padded. Leather can be customized to specific preferences; not too soft and not too hard. If the seat is too hard, it becomes uncomfortable pretty fast. If the chair is too soft, I will not be firm enough to support the back and thighs.

Adequate depth and width is also an important factor to consider when buying an executive office chair. You need to sink into the seat slightly. The chair also needs to be just wide enough, allowing you to leave between two to four inches between the seat and the joint at the back of your knees. Most leather desk chairs are designed with luxury in mind as their target market is people who pay the price to get the comfort they want and need.

Best Ergonomic Office Chair Features

The word ergonomic is thrown about a lot during furniture sales but how many truly understand what it means? What does it take to have a truly ergonomic chair?

For starters, the misguided persistence on firmness needs to be revised. Firmness is great, especially for lumbar support, but it should not be too much that the office chair has no movement. An ergonomic office chair moves as you move while protecting your spine and keeps your posture right. In my experience, most people miss out on this and opt for painfully firm seats.

Part of what an ergonomic office chair does is to make certain that you are not struggling to work at your desk. If you find that you have to hunch to reach your computer then you have a non-ergonomic chair


There is a lot to look out for when buying executive office furniture. The very reason that you are going to pay a little more (well maybe a lot more) than what you would pay for a regular seat, calls for some care and keenness. Executive office furniture should deliver on four key points in my opinion.

• They should look executive as the name suggests

• The materials used to make them should be modern and heavy duty

• They should be ergonomic

• They should help you stay healthy especially with regard to posture

Therefore, when looking for the perfect executive office chair, think of your comfort and aesthetics.


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