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So they say sitting is the new smoking. Very foreboding words used by our health experts, right? These same words have everyone running around to find better, healthier options to kick out sitting. It is true. Sitting at your computer for ten hours daily affects your entire system tremendously. You can stand for a few minutes or try to walk around. We even have standing desks now and portable chairs with straps all in a bid to revolutionize the work area.

The hard truth, however, is that sometimes you just have to sit down and get the job done. There are no two ways about it. So in such a case, what is the best that you can do to escape the deathtrap? Get a good computer chair.Â

If you have tried to use a kitchen chair, stool, couch or even lawn chair at your computer then you understand the frustration they come with. It will either be too high or too low for the desk. Sometimes it might be too hard, too soft or altogether just wrong. This is exactly why you need good computer chairs.

How to Get Cheap Chairs in the UK

A cheap chair doesn't always mean that it is haggard and torn. You can actually get very nice looking computer chairs for less than half the regular price. Not everyone can afford a new computer chair. Sometimes you may also find a deal too good to pass up. So where exactly does one get a cheap computer chair? Here are a few ideas:

1. Sales and promotions

Most companies have sales on special occasions. It could be a clearance sale, Christmas sale, Easter sale, end of the year sale or some other kind of promotion. These are all great opportunities to get cheap office chairs of great quality.

2. Garage sales

Garage sales are a great place to look for cheap office chairs. These are especially ideal if you are looking for a simple home office chair or student hostel computer chair. On occasion, you might even be able to find something good enough for an office.

3. Used furniture shops

Refurbished furniture in used furniture shops is also very fairly priced. The shop owners usually reupholster, do the necessary repair work (when required to) and clean them before putting them up for resale. Check out used furniture shops for the best deals on computer chairs.

Plastic Desk Chair All You Need To Know

You must consider plastic desk chairs when looking for an affordable seat for your computer. There are a number of plastic chair options that are all quite reasonably priced. Like with everything else, plastic desk chairs come with a couple of pros and cons. Let us look at some of them.


  • They are cheaper than other options in the market
  • They are lightweight and easy to move around
  • They come in a wide range of colors
  • It is a material that is easy to manipulate so it comes in various interesting designs
  • They are largely low maintenance


  • They are not executive or high-end
  • Depending on the type of plastic used, they may not be durable
  • They are not comfortable when used on their own
  • They are very unpredictable when it comes to handling the weight
  • They are non-biodegradable and so they are not considered ecofriendly

What to Look Out For When Buying Cheap Office Chairs In UK

If you have made the choice to go for cheaper chairs for your office or home, there are a couple of things you must look out for. It is not a smart move to buy cheap chairs (no matter the source) without considering the following:

1. They must fit in with the setup of your office. You do not want to plop plastic chairs in an executive hardwood panel office for instance. That just wouldn't work.

2. If you are buying used furniture, always carry out an inspection to make sure that levers, locks, head, and armrests are all sturdy and working fine. If the chairs have wheels, check to see that they are all in good working condition. You do not want accidents in the workplace.

3. Always check that the cheap price being offered is actually worth the trouble. There is no point for instance of buying a used office chair for £200 when a brand new one costs £215. The price differential must make economic sense.

4. Know when to buy cheap and when to avoid it. There are certain situations where going for the cheap office desk might just work against your plans.

Buying a Computer Chair from Amazon

Amazon is a rich ground for virtually everything. You can, therefore, find all kinds of computer chairs on this platform. Most stores worldwide sell their products on Amazon either directly or through other sellers. Some of the types of computer chairs you can find on Amazon include:

1. Ergonomic chairs

2. High back computer chairs

3. Mesh chairs

4. Recliner computer chairs

5. Swivel computer chairs

6. Lumbar support computer chairs

7. Leather computer chairs


Computer chairs are a common fixture, not just in offices and institutions but also in homes. Everywhere you see a computer desk you will most definitely find a chair, whatever the type, next to it.

The computer chair you buy is determined by a number of factors. These include your budget, your preferences, the type of desk you have and other furnishings in your office.

Computer chairs range from the very basic to the very high end. They all come with pros and cons. Ergonomic chairs are the in thing now due to health concerns raised by health experts all over the world. Computer users who suffer from chronic slouching issues need ergonomic chairs not just to keep them from slouching but also to try and correct the habit. Slouching can result in intense back pain and posture damage.

Check out our website for exclusive deals on computer chairs of all types. Also, keep an eye out for our upcoming sales on computer chairs.


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