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Fabric Office Chair

Smart fabrics in office chairs

Executive office furniture is often used to set the tone for an entire organization. This type of furniture also suits luxury apartments. The executive workspace should be a little luxurious and yet designed for maximum comfort and usability even in a luxury setting. Typically the executive suite should accommodate clients or other guests while creating an impression of fashionable function. When choosing the office furniture for your business or luxury flat, consideration should be given to style, budget, and purpose. Make every effort to pick out pieces that will meet the needs of the executive, providing ample storage and workspace while creating a positive impression. 

Consider fabric choices for health reasons

Long-lasting fabrics that are fire-resistant, durable, cleanable, are not simple to find. Often fabrics used are of lower quality and lack the ingredients and treatments that make the difference when it comes to high-end furniture pieces. It’s not just the fabrics used in finishing that you need to consider but also the fabric choices in the padding that will make a huge difference to the cost and long term enjoyment and health of the furniture. We use allergy-resistant materials and smart fabric choices to create enjoyment that is not only visually appealing, comfortable but also healthy. Healthy fabric choices in your office furniture will ensure that fungi, dust mites and health challenges that are associated with old not well cared for office furniture does not create a toxic environment for your office staff. 

The scope of technical fabrics used in office furniture 

The term “technical textiles” was coined in the 1980s to describe the growing variety of products and manufacturing techniques being developed primarily for their technical properties and performance rather than their appearance or other aesthetic characteristics. It largely superseded an earlier term “industrial textiles” (still widely used in the USA) which had become too restrictive in its meaning to describe the full complexity and richness of this fast-growing area. A major international exhibition, TechTextil, was launched in 1985 to reflect the growth of technical textiles and soon developed a simple taxonomy that has been used ever since to describe the scope of this new industry and market sector. Read More...

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Fabric Office Chair

Fabric Office Chair


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